My way to well? A lifetime of following the rules and the wellbeing that began by breaking them. The human spirit reaching for what it truly longs to feel. A wild and heartbreaking quest for origin. Getting lost on the other side of the world. That found moment that expands the heart and fills it with peace. The wisdom in the wounds that bring us to each other.

Leaps of faith. So many leaps of faith.
— Heidi

I Stand for Women's Wellbeing

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As a lifelong seeker of deep living through writing, yoga, nature, dinner parties, poetry, travel, athletic play, and a 33-year health advocacy career, I was not ready for such profound grief. My heart broke open from loss. After experiencing this transformational pain, instead of reattaching to old comforts, I wanted to keep it open to other courageous women. I became a certified coach to help them take charge of transition, change & possibility.

As a certified Women's Wellbeing Coach, I am devoted to helping professional women write the poetry of their lives. To put personal wellbeing on par with their professional goals. To feel the joy of mind-body wellness, speak the language of possibility, and create with integrity to the self and to others. As a healthcare advocate and successful businesswoman, I have always stood with women who have stared down the odds to achieve their goals. Together, we have turned the world's attention to causes, gathered supporters for nonprofits, and opened the minds of workers and the hearts of employers. I know what it takes to dare big things, make big change, and reach big goals.

Against the backdrop of the 1990s' high tech frenzy, I joined the pioneers of work-life balance and advocated some avant guard concepts for the workplace, such as meditation, stress management, flexible hours, telecommuting, and life planning. As my own work and life became more focused on health advocacy, I became a scholar and writer on health and wellness topics. I worked with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) on mind-body medicine education and communications programs, and I was a producer for alternative medicine documentaries.

In addition to a lifetime of competitive athletics, I've practiced mindfulness and yoga for 22 years, and most recently studied Buddhism at the Kopan Monastary in Nepal. I served as president of the Flagstaff, AZ, chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) and director of communications for Arizona’s largest mental health agency for Medicaid recipients. I advocate for individuals with learning disabilities and mental health recovery, helping them secure appropriate healthcare and support services.

I am certified by the International Coaching Federation, received my training as a professional life and work coach from the University of California, Davis, and am a certified Myers-Briggs practitioner. I am a member of the US National Committee for UN Women and currently am working on graduate studies in counseling psychology.


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