Designed to change

Women's bodies are designed to change. It is a process that is supposed to make you look and feel natural at every stage. For many reasons, women usually don't get to care for their bodies well enough to enjoy the natural bliss in these changes. Around the time you reach 40, menopause is headed your way, and suddenly you're in the double jeopardy round of weight gain, low energy, sleeplessness, stress, and other health issues.

When I first noticed the signs of menopause - at 40! - I thought after all those periods and a couple of pregnancies, I wasn’t going to let all the Eeyore symptoms of menopause take charge. This time of my life was going to be remembered for great sex!

As a professional, you don't have time for a slump. You can't afford to appear less than your best. With Well Body Coaching, you redesign menopause to take charge of the way it enters your life. You empower your body with a vitality-building lifestyle that keeps you energized, focused, fit, and confident at work and everywhere else. In Well Body Coaching, you work on your perceptions, your values, self-love and self-respect, as much as you work on the pounds, inches, and power.

Is it easy? Well, it is effortful, and it's intentional. That's what creates the ease. Is it going to be as miserable as it looks? Let's put it this way, this will not be your mother's menopause. You can love the lifestyle you create for the body you'll love. Hey. . . you've powered through somewhere around 450 menstrual cycles by now. You've got this!

Why our bodies stop playing

Women are natural caregivers. The selflessness of giving makes us think it all has to go to others. We forget the reason we put on the oxygen mask first, and we run out of the air we need to breathe vitality and playfulness into ourselves.

Here's where you create the body that makes you feel naturally beautiful and blissful. That thriving body is how you will:

  • move with more energy
  • think with sharper clarity
  • feel joy in your play
  • power your work with confidence
  • protect yourself from stress
  • sleep longer and deeper
  • communicate more effectively
  • manage depression, stress, or anxiety
  • prevent illness and injury

Body wellbeing is the relationship your body has with all of the other aspects of a well life. You get to choose the habits that create the body you live in; why not choose the ones that revive and awaken you every day? In Well Body Coaching, you learn what keeps you stuck in careless habits so that you can consciously and intentionally exchange them for reviving ones. Ones that will bring you the joy and ease of wellbeing. That knowledge is the key to sustaining wellbeing without having to struggle with it.

You don’t stop playing because you get old; you get old because you stop playing.
— Maude