A coach-guided course to

prepare your body, mind, and spirit

to empower midlife and menopause

with a wise heart, playful energy, resilient health,

and natural body beauty

8 weeks





redesign menopause

Return to your original spirit

restore your deep values & self-truths

(and live them unapologetically)

ease and automate* HEALTHY, HAPPY habits

lean into natural body beauty

move to live & play

feast intuitively

radiate More energy

sleep sunken-in


 gather your tribe



*change should be a blast, not a struggle

Not your mother's midlife. Not your mother's menopause.

RE:VIVE! uses three evidence-based practices that revive and sustain wellbeing

Intuitive eating, moving, resting

Intuitive eating, moving, resting

Behavioral science of habit evolution

Behavioral science of habit evolution

Like-minded, honoring community

Like-minded, honoring community


things are about to change

Call it midlife. Call it menopause. Call it Act II. Call it whatever cuss word you can think of (just, please, don't call it "the change" or we're all thinking like our mothers and grandmothers.) The point is, things are about to change (if they haven't already). You can either use it as an opportunity to design the days and years ahead to live in a way that inspires you, or you can give it over to your mother's midlife.

Wellbeing is the number one difference between women who report thriving in midlife and women who struggle through it. Women who have a sense of wellbeing not only have the mental and emotional resilience to navigate the natural changes in midlife, they tend to stay more active, sustain their health and fitness, enjoy compassionate relationships more, and deepen their sense of purpose.

I created RE:VIVE! for women over age 40 who are approaching menopause or are smack in the middle of it. I want menopause to expand their life, not disrupt it. I want them to take charge of changes ahead by showing up with wellbeing.


An 8-week holistic approach to designing a radiant midlife

Intentional, self-actualized and deeply joyful

The time, the tools, and the inspiration you need to create small, yet                dynamic changes in 8 key areas of wellbeing

Two books: Body thrive, by Cate Stillman, and The Wisdom of Menopause,                       by Dr. Christiane Northrup

An 8-week lesson plan with readings, videos, podcasts

A workbook enriched with 8 weeks of assignments, reflections,                        exercises, journaling, & worksheets

A wellbeing yardstick to measure your RE:VIVE! progress &                                changes in wellbeing week by week

Eight 1-on-1 coaching sessions for discussion, brainstorming,                  encouragement, camaraderie, celebration, and guidance (Requests for additional coaching sessions welcomed.)

Renewed wellbeing in

  • personal values and habits
  • body health
  • movement and breath
  • eating and nourishment
  • energy, sleep, rest
  • community & relationships
  • self-acceptance
  • easeful living


the ease of habit science

RE:VIVE! is for women who want to rethink midlife and menopause so that it may actually enhance this time in their lives rather than disrupt it. It is based on the behavioral science of Habit Evolution. By easing change into your life though small, consistent habit adjustments, you align with your body's nature not struggle against it.

Habit Science

Based on the wisdom of some of my favorite wellness and mindful life gurus, RE:VIVE! eases you away from habits that no longer work and toward habits that revive your wellbeing.

The one thing you don't need is another diet or retreat or New Year's resolution subjecting you to an intense struggle to drastically alter some aspect of your lifestyle, which alienates you from your relationships while you get your s*@t back together. You also don't need to get to your goal, only to seek relief in your old lifestyle, otherwise known as the-rut-that-robbed-you-of-your-wellbeing-in-the-first-place.

Instead, we focus on one lifestyle habit each week and make small, incremental changes that automate new behaviors for sustainable results. We learn the context of a habit, identify triggers, and design rewards that make a new habit work (and feel!) so much better.

Each week of RE:VIVE! is devoted to a new habit in 8 different areas of wellbeing: personal values, wellbeing identity; body, movement, feasting, community, energy, and menopause. Each week you read, engage in deep self-inquiry, reflect, and practice your new habit with the understanding that habits aren't like light switches. So there's compassion and patience. There's trial and error. Ebb and flow. Some days, the habit sticks great, some days it slips. But because there's no such thing as willpower or failing in habit science, and because you have a coach on your side, you return to the new behavior with a compassionate sense of ease, knowing you are integrating a new rhythm in your life, not leaping off a cliff. 

It's Personal

Because we are all different, RE:VIVE! can be customized to suit your lifestyle and needs. Once you take the wellbeing assessment, you may find certain areas of your life where you are satisfied with your wellbeing, but others have been harder for you to create to your liking. You may find you need more time to integrate with each module and want to spread the 8 weeks out a little more. Together we will design the right 8-module program for you.


One last thing. . .

The Myth of Menopause

Listen up, rebel. Don't let them tell you it's all raging hormones and moods from now on. That's a myth. Menopause isn't when hormones go wild and you lose control of your keel. That already happened! It's called fertility. Don't let anyone make you think this is where you lose your power. This is where you gain it back! 

Even if you started your family later and are tackling child rearing and menopause at the same time, menopause is when you come back to yourself and start where you left off at fertility.  If you are looking around your empty nest and wondering where your identity went, menopause is when you look up from your mild-mannered, people pleasing life and step back into your true self.

Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of The Wisdom of Menopause, writes, "What is rarely acknowledged or understood is that as the hormone-driven changes (of post-fertility) affect the brain, they give a woman a sharper eye for inequity and injustice, and a voice that insists on speaking up about them. . . As the vision-obscuring veil created by the hormones of reproduction begins to lift, a woman's youthful fire and spirit are often rekindled, together with long-sublimated desires and creative drives." 

After 8 weeks working with RE:VIVE!, you find yourself standing in your super-hero pose and announce: Bring. It. On. You are poised to take off into midlife radiant, strong, courageous, energized, and rebellious. Menopause? Pfft! You survived 480 cycles of PMS, ovulation, and periods. You've got this!