10 weeks to ease into 10 lifestyle habits

for better energy, deeper sleep,

and a sustainable, healthier diet

without struggle


Do you want to experience thrive?
Are you feeling the call of better body integrity?
Are you sick of your own *&^!, or  ready to call your own bluff?


Take a moment to listen to the woman who created body thrive for coaches like me who want to work with game changers like you.


Is this you?

You're here because:

  • You’ve got a lot going on.
  • You’re tired. Sometimes you even are grumpy when you wake up.
  • You’re not as fit, lithe or strong as you wish.
  • You want to live a long, healthy life.
  • You'd like to kick your self-nourishment up a notch.
  • You don’t meditate enough as you think you should.
  • You want more control over your time.
  • You want self care to be easy peasy... and amazing... because you're smart and you get that it's the name of the game with dynamic living.

Mentally check all that apply. Be honest with yourself – it’s your body. It's your life you are designing.

and you're here because:

  • You want the habits of regeneration, not degeneration.
  • You want to eat a better diet.
  • You want energy.
  • You want sleep.
  • You want to make better food faster.
  • You want to meditate
  • You want to design your body & your life

And because you want to thrive!

What is Body Thrive?

bodythrive 2.jpg

What does it mean to thrive, to grow, to evolve, to learn, to improve to pass on genuine wisdom over time? What is the difference between degeneration and generation with the aging process?

This question plagued the yogis for years. For centuries. For millennia. This  is the basis of Ayurveda - the science of life, the ancient bio-rhythmic enlightened body habits + healthcare system to co-arise with Yoga in the ancient Indus Valley.The yogis of yore discovered that the name of the game is generative habits. Our habits either generate life force or they don't.

We know our communities, and even our families, maybe even ourselves are plagued by habits of stagnation and habits of misuse of our bodies, our minds and our senses.

Body Thrive is a different kind of wellness approach altogether. It doesn't require willpower or motivation. It doesn't involve counting, measuring, or restricting. It doesn't allow guilt. What DOES it include? Ease and simplicity. Patience and self-love. Body Thrive is an innovative, practical, results-focused, and SIMPLE approach to weight wellness, fitness, and the best sleep ever. In 10 weeks with Body Thrive, you will develop better self-care habits, feel better in your body, eat a healthier diet, and sleep better and feel well rested. All without feeling like you've totally disrupted your life to do it.

Using habit science and a philosophy of making small, continuous, simple changes, you align with new habits for health that expand your life without the struggle that sabotaged your results every other time. Give yourself 10 weeks for 10 small but life-changing habits. You've got this!

I'm a 57-year-old, post-menopausal, empty nesting, play-for-lifer and your Body Thrive coach.

I'm a 57-year-old, post-menopausal, empty nesting, play-for-lifer and your Body Thrive coach.

Welcome from your Body Thrive Coach!

I'm a live-long believer in fitness, play, whole-food feasting, and guilt-free indulgences for wellbeing - body, mind, and spirit. I'm also a wellness coach. I know how to tap you into your body's wellness potential quickly. I know how to easefully awaken you to better habits. And I want you to get those better habits easefully automated into your day to day life.


  1. Your palate will be smarter.
  2. Your body and mind will receive the rest they deserve.
  3. Your intuition will be deeply honored, and easily heard.
  4. Excess body mass will evaporate.
  5. You will have all the energy you desire. 

And it will happen fast!

When you're on the other side of Body Thrive, you'll notice you have more time, more money and more control. You won't squander your focus. You won't rush around. You won't wonder if you'll ever be in control of your experience.


Meet the book

Using Cate Stillman's book for wellness coaches,  you and I will work together to make each week, each step, and each new habit a success. With a coach, you'll have the continuous development, encouragement accountability, and support you need to align with your new wellbeing identity.

Transform 10 Body Thrive Habits

Achieve it through 10 live coaching sessions with me in real time

Commit to your body. Commit to the process

Witness your own rapid evolution

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